My observations on Canadian life and people +general update (Archive: 28. Jan 2012)

28. January 2012

Observations on Canadians/Canada  –   Some things here are definitely upside-down and the wrong-way around – the seasons, the stars, the roads,  the light switches…an ‘entre’ is actually considered the main meal… Additionally, Canada uses a mix of North American and Commonwealth systems – I walk to work in kilometres, weigh myself in pounds, have a […]

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HIGH IN NEPAL (3/3) The final story… (Archive 31. Oct 2010)

31. October 2010

The last note ended with me writing something about the spirit of the mountain, I think… Anyway, flying past the Himalayan giants, to the roaring of the jet’s engine, and back toward Kathmandu and it’s crowded street, dust, roaming stray dogs, blaring horns and piles of trash was a bit depressing. I immediately wanted to […]

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My Himalayan Encounter – Trek to Everest (Archive: 15. Oct 2010)

15. October 2010

I never used to enjoy hiking very much and when we were young, we had to be lured up the mountain by false promises of icecream waiting on top of the mountain. Anyway, I think Seoul city life changed that… often having the urge to escape the hustle and bussle of the big city. So […]

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Nepal Impressions- First Month (Archive: 30. Sep 2010)

30. September 2010

My Nepal stay is already half over, a month has passed quickly and there is much to write… Maybe some of you are interested in how things have been so far.   Leaving Korea was more difficult than I thought. Although I know it was my time to go, it’s been 1 ½ years there […]

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On Beijing (Archive: 2. Aug 2010)

2. August 2010

On Thursday morning, I flew to Beijing for a four day trip. On arrival, we were met by a suffocating combination of heat, humidity and pollution, like a dirty sauna. However, unlike Seoul, I was surprised to see very much greenery. We were sweating our way through Beijing, lost and confused trying to find the […]

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