The Millennial

Last night Lukas told me about a podcast he listened to about the millennials and the new style of living: rather than stay in one job over many decades and expecting to be promoted  once every decade, millennials expect to be promoted once every year, at least. It is common to be constantly job-hopping and looking for better and new work experiences, rather than stay on in the same job for over 3 years. 3 years… that’s how long I stayed in my last job, and it’s how long I’ve been in my current. As a millennial, what should my next move be?

The main reasons for the changes between Generation X and Y seem to be:

  • We have so many options available to us these days. The world is much more globalised and accessible.
  • Our environment is constantly changing therefore we are forced to continually adapt our own skills. Little of what we studied at university seems to be relevant in the real work and technological advancements are made at a much more rapid pace these days.

I think these are the two main facts that also shaped my own identity and paths over the last decade. In creating this blog, I read through my old travel stories and it brought back a lot of great memories. It’s the conversations with good-humoured friends I made along the way that mostly stay in my memory, rather than the pain of dragging another 20 kilo carton to the post office to be shipped from Canada to Melbourne, or later again from Melbourne to Berlin. It’s the peaks of the +8000m Himalayan mountains that remain clearly in my mind, rather than the two pairs of pants and rotating three t-shirts that i wore day in and day out for 2 months.

In one way, I think it’s a sense of adventure and wanting to explore as much as I could possibly could during my life that made me venture off to so many far away places. But on the other hand, it was also wishing that I could find something that truly inspires me along the way and realise where I want to be in the future. This big daunting ”future”.

However, not even while sitting on a big boulder overlooking Everest did I have any kind of big realisation of what I wanted to become one day. But I think it’s ok if it never does happen in a big kind of way. It can also happen in continuous small ways; small waves that ripple against the shore and gentle reshape the shoreline, rather than the arrival of a sudden tidal wave. Even the most gentle waves change the shape of the shoreline each day in imperceptible ways. I think of thoughts and ideas that shape us as a person in the same kind of way.

Finding constant inspiration and enthusiasm from friends I met has led me to trying all kinds of new and exciting hobbies and projects that were there to try. Continuous learning and adaptation. Going with the constant flow of life and all its unpredictable twists and turns, while staying in the drivers seat – Maybe it’s part of being a good Millennial.

The ”future” I had back then, is already now. As cliché as it sounds, maybe a better perspective is to think of the future as a ”continuous now”, and enjoy the journey while it lasts.



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